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Something that I’m incredibly proud of from 2016 is my Twitter account. I’ve managed to grow it consistently from a brand new account in February 2016 to having over 2000 engaged followers at the point this post is published.

This year I’m starting to fall in love with Instagram a hell of a lot more. Perhaps because my love of photography is coming back after a number of years of lying dormant in me.


If you’ve read my goal post you’ll know that I want to really spend more time on Instagram and make a real effort with growing my account and engaging with others more.

Here’s the thing, I’m not going to be super secretive with my methods of how I plan to do this either. I’m going to share my plan of action for Instagram domination.


Post more

I’m going to try and post once a day – at least!

Obviously, I don’t want to compromise on quality, but making sure that I get at least one photo up a day is a must. I’ve noticed that having done this pretty much every day since the year has begun that my Instagram engagement and following has consistently gone up.

Since the 1st of January, my follower count has gone up by around 50 which for me is pretty good/steady growth.

I know that if I ramp up the number of photos I can get out each day I’ll see a much faster growth rate.

Possibly my favourite logo ever created.

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Engage more

I’m pretty bad for actually engaging with people on Instagram. I used to be in the habit of just scrolling through and liking pictures that caught my eye rather than actually taking the time to read the captions and actually engaging with the person posting it.

Now I’m actually dedicating time to go and properly view my feed and not just the images.

This means that I’m starting to comment on other photos and starting genuine conversations with people. Almost taking the conversation away from twitter and moving it onto Instagram.

I’m finding that from doing this, I’m actually getting more real comments on my photos instead of the bot driven “Cool”, “Awesome feed”.

Always remember that a more engaged following is better than a large following, who never see your stuff and don’t really know who you are.

When you find a wall, you just gotta go for it.

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Instagram Stories

I love Instagram stories. They are what Snapchat stories should be.

This is something that I’m going to be using a hell of a lot to give followers an insight into my daily life, that doesn’t conform to the perfect/planned photos that appear in my feed.

I want my followers to know me and not just see the stylized content that I put out.

It’s also awesome seeing the same faces pop up in my viewers consistently. Shout out to you guys who always watch my stuff. It means a lot.

It’s a more light-hearted way to connect with your followers too, which I really like. Although I have a desk job and my day to day isn’t exciting in the slightest, it’s fun to just quickly snap a few little things and stick them on my story so that I’m staying in the minds of my followers.

Spread the Love

As I said, I love the visual factor of Instagram. One of the things that I am going to start doing is spreading the love and sharing on my Instagram stories, my feed of the week and tagging the account that has been fire on my radar of the past few weeks.

So many of you guys are absolutely killing it and helping others to see the stuff that I’m enjoying just gives people more insight into me as a person and the styles that I like.

Blogging is a community thing and sometimes I just don’t share how much I love the content that you guys create. Hopefully this is just the first of many ways that I spread the love over the year.
These are¬†Instagram plans for this year and I’m confident that not only will I grow my account, I’ll create content that I’m proud of and will look back at fondly in the years to come.

Lastly, just in time for me planning out my year of content, Rhianna from Robowecop posted an amazing article on growing Instagram. Now this is coming from someone who nailed Instagram big time in 2016, so you’re in good hands.

It’s worth checking out and I’ve already implemented one of her tips about keyboard replacements that’s one hell of a time saver.

Find me over on Instagram¬†and let’s nail 2017.

Let me know what your plans are for Instagram in 2017 or if there’s anything you think I might have missed.

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  • Nikki-ann

    Thanks for the tips! I joined Instagram in the middle of last year and love it. I keep meaning to post and interact more though.

  • Jade B

    Great Read! I have used my personal and private instagram for awhile but in 2017 I also set a goal for my blog to have an instagram. Already it has helped me have a clear vision of the story I want to tell and how I want people to feel from my blog. I still need to get my head around linking the social media platforms so it is very much a learning curve of a technophobe!

    Good luck x

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