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Hi there, in case you hadn’t already guessed, I’m Peter.

I’m a lifestyle blogger from the north east of Scotland where the buildings are grey and the skies are too.

Through my love of the internet and all things geeky, I’ve been an avid follower of many blogs over the years and started a few blogs of my own based on different subjects. None of them have ever been lifestyle based before and after being introduced to many of the major lifestyle bloggers, I decided that I would love to give it a try and share my day to day life with others who share my passions.

I love traveling, technology, fitness & high-street fashion and this blog is where I aim to share my love of these. I’d love to get to know my readers a bit more, so if you’re reading this then please drop me a line or comment on some of my posts.

I also write more travel based blog posts over at Our So Called Life.


For all my blog photography I use a Canon 80D

I have a number of lenses, but the majority of my shots are taken on a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens which I highly recommend any blogger using a canon camera to own.

Many are also taken using a 35mm f2 Yongnuo which I wrote a post about here
I also did a post about all the camera equipment I use.

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If you have a product you would like me to review then please get in touch with me on hello@impeter.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements. All reviews will be 100% my personal opinion and I will not create content that does not represent my opinion accurately to my readers. All review content will disclose that the products were gifted for review at the end of the post.

Any links back to your business website can be created using a trackable UTM link so that you can accurately measure the direct impact that the review has had on your brand exposure.

Product review content packages are available as either a Youtube video, a blog post, or both.



If you would like to collaborate on a post then please send an email over to hello@impeter.co.uk and we can discuss any requirements you have. My blog is my own space and I do not post content that has not been created by me, so please do not contact me to post your infographic that my audience may like.



Any sponsored product review posts will receive social shares through my available channels.

If you would like a standalone product share on social then please send an email to hello@impeter.co.uk and we can discuss how we can work together for this.

Any social posts that are sponsored will be tagged (#spon/#ad) appropriately to ensure my audience are completely aware it is a paid post.