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Something that I don’t do too often is drink alcohol, I think I grew out of it as I reached my late twenties. Perhaps I’m just becoming boring, but as my hangovers started dragging later into the Sunday evening I just called it quits and stopped going out. Replacing my Saturday night drinking sessions with Saturday night gym sessions.

Saying that I guess I haven’t completely stopped drinking and do enjoy the occasional beer when watching football, but my binge drinking student style nights out are long gone.

When I was a big drinker my staple spirit of choice was always Vodka and only vodka, no JD’s, Morgans or any other alternatives. Just Vodka.

I was approached and asked whether I would like to try out a rum, which being honest isn’t something that I’ve ever had much experience in drinking other than about a two week period of drinking Kraken and cola. It didn’t last.

When I was asked to try out Don Papa rum, I wasn’t too sure if it was something I would be keen on, but due to my recent spurt of drinking again with the two stag weekends in the past month, a little more booze couldn’t hurt.

The don arrived and it’s such a stunning little bottle with a proper cork stopper. Not something you see too often or at least not from my vodka drinking background.

Don Papa RumDon Papa Rum
Don Papa Rum Bottle

The label is beautifully intricate and features a gentleman who is wearing what appears to be a monocle, but turns out to be the tail of a chameleon. Later I found out that there are actually 50 animals hiding in the label and I will make sure that I find as many as possible now.

To give Don Papa a run out, we decided to have a tex mex/mexican night and picked up some grub from Muchacho in town.

Rum Cocktail Rum Cocktail

Lauren had tried an amazing rum cocktail recently called “Dark & Stormy” so we recreated that using Don Papa which is as follows:

  • 2 ounces rum
  • 3 ounces ginger beer
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • Teaspoon or two of brown sugar

As I said before I was always a vodka drinker, but this cocktail was beautiful. The flavours combine to create a drink that you sip on rather than down meaning that you actually enjoy it as a drink instead of just drinking it for the sake of getting drunk.

The rum itself has a sweet taste and gives off hints of vanilla.

I did try the drink neat, but I’ve never been good at shots and straight alcohol is sometimes a bit much for me, so it wasn’t something I enjoyed too much.

Nevertheless, I can see myself becoming a more appreciative drinker by creating drinks that I enjoy sipping on and having a night in watching a film rather than throwing vodka & lemonades down my throat as quick as possible before hitting town.

Think I’ll perhaps spend this mayday weekend trying out some different rum cocktails.

I am most definitely a grown up now.

How are you spending your May day weekend or are you one of the unfortunate folks that have to work?

* I was sent this bottle to review, but the opinions in this post are my own.


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  • Reply

    As an occasional drinker and big fan of rum, I adore this post. I haven’t heard of this particular brand before so will be checking it out! Lisa http://www.thirtysomethingbelle.com

    • mm

      Thanks Lisa. It’s totally worth checking out. I’m not a rum drinker at all, but really enjoyed this one. Let me know if you get your hands on a bottle and what you think of it.

  • Reply

    Where abouts did you get the bottle from Peter? I’ve recently aquired a taste for Rum and Whiskey

    • mm

      I got this sent to me by a PR company, but I believe that they are being sold in Majestic and Harvey Nichols. You should be able to pick up a bottle online somewhere I would believe.

  • Andrew | thatmck.com

    I am not a big rum drinker myself I much prefer whiskey but I absolutely love the design of this bottle, I definitely wouldn’t mind giving it a try sometime.

  • Sarah Dickinson

    Hey Peter!!

    I found you via #beechat this evening so I thought I’d come over and check you out!! I love a good Rum, I was introduced to it in Australia when I tried ‘home-brewed’ Rum and it was amazing…..once tasted never forgotten!!!! >.<
    I now like tasting different alcohol which I wouldn't have liked before tasting Rum……maybe there's something to be said for Rum! Loved this Post Peter and your Blog in general! I hope to be back reading more sometime soon!!

    • mm

      Thanks Sarah. This is definitely a rum that you should try if you’re a lover of rum.
      Look forward to having you back. I’ll be posting pretty regularly if time permits. 🙂

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