What it’s like being a Christmas baby

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“Nobody has their birthday on Christmas day”

That’s something I’ll never forget a shop assistant saying to me, two days after my fifteenth birthday. I was trying to buy Me, Myself and Irene on video from WHSmith which was a 15 rating and you don’t have ID when you’re that age.

I was so confused as to why people couldn’t have their birthday on Christmas day. I’m living proof of it and I’m pretty sure there are millions of others who share this birthday with me.

Christmas day seems to be one of these things that is always met with a certain level of shock when you tell someone that your birthday is the 25th of December. It makes you feel different.

So I’m here to tell you all about what it’s like having a novelty birthday.

As a child it’s a bit rubbish.

You have to wait an entire year for presents. A whole year!

My god, I didn’t half envy those kids who had their birthdays in June July. The perfect split between Christmas and Birthday.

I wasn’t even allowed to open presents a day early to feel what it might be like to have two different days a year to celebrate. “Your birthday is the 25th, so that’s when you’ll get presents”.


Birthday parties in November

People are busy around the Christmas period so it’s pretty normal for you to have had your birthday party a month before the actual day, just to make sure that you could get a venue and that people weren’t too busy to come along. I’m positive that I had one of my birthday parties mid-november before.


It’s Christmas

Surprisingly enough, it’s Christmas day. This can often mean that your birthday is overshadowed with other celebrations. I have had a few relatives forget to wish me a happy birthday and not actually remember until the cake appeared.


Never getting to stay in and play with your new toys

On a birthday, you usually go and visit the person whose birthday it is. Not for me.

As it’s such a big day, everyone else is far too busy to come over and see you. You have to go and see them. This means dragging you away from your brand new Ecto-1 model with working ghost catching claw.

One year I got sick of having to leave my presents and it just so happened to also be the year that I got a full sized keyboard. Bet the relatives loved me dragging that into their houses and giving them a demo rendition ofย “The Entertainer”.


As an adult these situations have kind of changed


It’s Christmas, so everyone is celebrating. This means your birthday is just one huge piss up and you’re guaranteed to find plenty of people in town. No going out to celebrate your birthday and town being dead for me.

You don’t get toys, you get hangovers

Oh christ, the hangovers I have endured over Christmas dinner. Pretty sure that it’s one of the worst things that you can do, but you never learn.

Maybe this year will be different.


You’re an adult now

This means that you can do whatever you want. If you want to leave your house then you can, if you don’t then you can just sit and watch terrible tv and eating endless boxes of After Eights.


Discounts during the sales

Without fail your inbox is inundated with the subject line of “It’s your birthday, get your discount”. It also happens that it’s perfectly positioned to get extra discount off the already heavily discounted sales that are going on.

Great for my wardrobe, but horrendous for my bank balance.


It’s now a few days after my 30th birthday and everything that I’ve written above for the adult section came true.

I ate so many after eights and don’t think I can face them again for at least another 11 months.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.


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  • Nikki-ann

    A belated happy birthday and all the best for the new year! I’m lucky in that my birthday is in mid-June, though I have found friends to be unavailable for parties and get-togethers as they’re on holiday or at a festival.

    P.S. Your description needs amending as you’re no longer a 20 something ๐Ÿ˜€

    • mm

      Haha thank you. Think I’ve got all the mentions of 20-something removed now. Happy New Year to you too and hope you had a great Christmas.

  • Georgina Goodman

    omg do birthday discounts work on top of Christmas ones?! Think I better sign my mum up haha her birthday is Dec 23rd


    • mm

      Haha yeah it does. At least for Topman and ASOS it seemed to work.

      Always worth taking advantage of it where you can. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rebecca Ellis

    I don’t think I know a single person born on Christmas day, how unique is that! haha. Wait, don’t you get double the presents though?


    • mm

      Haha well now you can say that you do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s just the same as everyone else, except I get all mine on one day and everyone else gets theirs on two.

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